Monday, March 19, 2018

I'm Still Alive

Wait a minute. Three years just flew by. That's right. After maintaining this blog for several years -- usually with a post every few weeks or once a month -- I totally fell down on the job.

What happened? Well, mostly Goodreads happened. (See the widget to the right.) Instead of posting here, I wrote little book reviews on Goodreads. I guess I should cross-post my Goodreads reviews here -- if I can figure it out.

I also didn't have much news to report. The previous post, for instance, highlights an essay I wrote for The Big Click about Patricia Highsmith. Since then, I haven't had any startling authorial news to report.

But now I do have a small bit of news -- which has been in the works for more than a year. I recently completed copy edits of a story, "The Trouble with Squirrels," which will be published in the Mystery Writers of America anthology, Scream and Scream Again, edited by R.L. "Goosebumps" Stine. The book comes out in late July -- and is really timed for Halloween.

The MWA has been publishing anthologies on and off for many years, but this is the organization's first book for kids. It is also my first story for children -- aimed at middle-schoolers. I'll say more about the story when the book comes out, but since the advance reader's edition is making the rounds, I thought I'd better announce that I'm still alive. I've also set up a contact form (below, to the right), so readers can send me lavish praise.


admin said...

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