Thursday, October 7, 2010

My New Story, "The Docile Shark," Excerpted on EQMM

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine just updated their website to feature the December 2010 issue (yeah, they get a jump on the calendar; cover illustration by Norman Saunders, originally from a 1949 issue of Black Mask). I didn't make the cover of the issue, but my story, "The Docile Shark," has a nice accompanying illustration (by Mark Evans) and it's excerpted on the site at this link. (Note: In a month, the same link will feature a different excerpt.)

If you want to read the harrowing conclusion to this spine-tingling tale, you'll have to go buy the magazine (e.g., at Barnes & Noble; also available in electronic editions, including Kindle), at least for now. I'd certainly like to hear any feedback anyone has on the story (just click "Comments" below). You can also "friend" me on Facebook at, though I'm still getting used to Facebook (and thus far, there's more everyday minutiae than writing and reading updates).


Evan Lewis said...

I made the announcement today in the Almanack.

Doug Levin said...

Thanks, Dave.
He's referring to Davy Crockett's Almanack of Mystery, Adventure and the Wild West: